Terms and conditions of use

1. The online shop at polka-deli.com sells ready-to-eat food products manufactured by renowned Polish companies. These terms and conditions apply to the purchase of our products.
2. This shop is run by Polka Deli, 2719 East Allegheny Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19134.
3. These terms and conditions are part of the contract concluded with the customer. 
4. Natural persons and business entities may use the services provided by our Shop. 
5. The personal data stored in the online shop is collected and processed only for the purposes of operations performed by the shop, following all requirements contained in the Act on personal data protection.
6. The prices of goods available in the shop are in US dollars gross. The price does not include shipping costs. The shop issues bills and invoices. 
7. The price of the product at the moment of placing an order by the customer shall apply.
8. The Shop reserves the right to change prices and the products available in our Offer, add new products, remove products, conduct promotional campaigns, and remove and improve them. 
9. The information given next to the product on the Shop's website at the moment of placing an order is binding for the parties.
10. The actual product may differ slightly from the one shown in the photos in our Shop. 
11. All data, descriptions and photos presented in the Online Shop are owned by the Shop within the meaning of the provisions governing the intellectual property rights. Such data, descriptions and photos may not be copied, distributed or used for commercial purposes or for presentations on any other websites or auctions without the consent of the Shop. 
12. Special offers and discounts provided by polka-deli.com may not be combined, unless otherwise specified in a special offer.
13. The Shop reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions that shall be effective upon posting them on the website. The contracts concluded prior to amending the Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the version applicable at the moment of placing the order.
14. The owner of the Shop has the right to refuse the customer the right to using the Shop’s services with immediate effect if:
a) the customer provided incorrect, inaccurate or outdated data, misleading data or data violating any third-party rights; 
b) the customer violated any third-party personal rights through the Shop, in particular the personal rights of other customers of the Shop; 
c) the customer is going to perform other actions that according to the Shop's owner are inconsistent with applicable law or the general principles of using the Internet or are harmful to the reputation of the Shop's owner.

1. The order shall be accepted if the customer provides data allowing to verify the customer and the products' receiver.
2. These Terms and Conditions must be accepted prior to the dispatching of the order.
3. The orders are accepted 7 days a week, 24 hours a day via the Internet. 
4. After placing an order, the customer receives an e-mail with the order confirmation.
5. The order is processed if the Buyer has paid for the products and the shipping costs, unless otherwise specified in the selected method of shipment.
6. The Shop reserves the right to ask for the confirmation of the order and the verification of the data provided by the customer.
7. The order shall be completed if the product is available in our Shop. Otherwise, the customer will be informed about the fact that the product is out of stock. The customer may decide to process the incomplete order, cancel the order or replace the product with another one. 
8. The Shop reserves the right to refuse to process an order if the product's description, price or information about the stock contain any mistakes.
9. The Shop may refuse to accept an order, limit the methods of payment or request an advance payment if the order raises any reasonable doubts concerning false or unreliable data or the method of payment.

1. The customer may choose one of the following methods of payment:
a) PayPal
b) credit card
If the customer decides to pay via bank transfer, he or she must make the payment within 48 hours from the date of placing the order. Otherwise the order shall be cancelled. 
2. The shipping costs are specified in the price list of the shipping company.
3. The products shall be sent if the customer has paid for the product and the shipping. 
4. The Shop dispatches the products ordered by the customer via courier service.  
5. We accept orders only within the United States of North America and Canada.
6. If the customer pays via bank transfer, the order will be processed after the amount due is booked on the Shop's account.
7. Parcels are delivered only on business days, unless the selected method of shipment provides otherwise.
8. The parcel shall be delivered within 7 calendar days.
9. The Shop is not liable for any delays caused by the courier company.

1. A complaint is accepted only if the proof of purchase is presented (a cash register receipt or a VAT invoice).
2. If the product is inconsistent with the contract, the customer should send the product back with a description of the inconsistencies at the following address: Polka Deli, 2719 East Allegheny Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19134.
3. The parcel with the product subject to a complaint should contain the reasons of the complaint, the circumstances and the date when the defect was noticed, requests (replacement, repair or a refund), the customer's data and bank account number.
4. If the complaint is accepted and as a result a product will be sent to the customer, the shipping costs shall be incurred by the Shop.
5. If the complaint is deemed to be unfounded, the costs related to such a complaint shall be incurred by the customer.
6. The Shop shall respond to the complaint made by the customer within 14 days, and if it would be impossible, the Shop shall inform the customer about the term of handling the complaint. 

1. The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason by submitting a relevant statement in writing at the following address: Polka Deli, 2719 East Allegheny Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19134 within 14 days of the day of delivering the product to the customer.
2. The products must be returned intact and complete, with the packaging and the proof of purchase.
3. Such products must be secured to prevent any damage during transport.
4. The costs of the return are incurred by the customer. 

1. The customer consents to the processing of the customer’s personal data only for the purposes of completing the order. 
2. The customer may access their personal data and change it.
3. The customer may request to remove their personal data from the Shop's database. 

1. The provisions of the Civil Code, the provisions on electronic services and American law shall be applicable in the issues not governed by these Terms and Conditions.