Privacy policy

I. General information
This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Website) specifies the rules of processing and protecting the personal data given by users as a result of the use of our Website under the domain GATTA WEAR, owner of, obliges toproperly protect the data of users visiting the Website.

II. Access to Personal Data and Changes
Each user of our Website may choose whether and to what extent he or she wants to use our services and make the data about available. If for any reasons the user does not want to give his or her personal data, it is the user’s right to do so. The user may also remove such data or stop using our Website.
If the user has any questions about the processing of personal data or wrong or incomplete data has occurred, he or she should contact the company using the contact details available on the Website.
We do not give access to such data to any third parties. We do not store confidential data such as credit card numbers or data allowing to access bank accounts.

III. Google Analytics
Our website uses Google Analytics, but the data that it collects is used only for statistical purposes and for improving and adjusting it to your needs.
The IP addresses of our visitors are not processed.
We do not make the data of the users visiting available to any third parties, except when a court or an authorised public administration body will request such data.
If our Privacy Policy is amended, appropriate information about this fact will be put on this website.
This website ( uses cookies.
This Privacy Policy also includes, whose operator is GATTA WEAR. The term "cookie" used herein refers to cookies and similar technologies as specified in the Directive on privacy and electronic communications.

What is a Cookie?
A Cookie is a small text file saved in the permanent memory of a device by browsers. Cookies are used to ensure that the website works properly. They make browsing easier and improve the website's security. These files store data which is used by websites, for example, to retain the user's preferences such as the contents or an automatic authorisation on a website.
The cookies used by are harmless. They do not store any personal data and they are not harmful for the user's device, data and installed software.
What types of cookies do we use?
This website ( uses the following types of cookies:
1. Session cookies – these files store data about the actions of a user during an active session when using the website. Session cookies are automatically removed by the browser when you leave the website. If you block session cookies, some of the website’s functions may not work.
2. Third-party cookies – such files store data in accordance with the privacy policy of partner websites. The partners of this website ( are:
Google Analytics –
Facebook –
3. Permanent cookies – these files store the user's preferences about the website's operation and appearance. They remember a specific computer and may be associated with personal data. Permanent cookies are automatically removed by the browser after their expiration date. By using permanent cookies we improve the user's comfort during visits on our website.

Do Cookies store personal data?
In most cases does not collect or store personal data in cookies, i.e. the first and last name, date of birth, tax identification number, personal identification number or contact details. But in some cases when you check the "remember me" box, the data necessary for conducting a specific functionality is stored in an encrypted form.

How to block or remove cookies?
A user visiting may block or remove cookies on his or her device at any time. In order to block or remove cookies you need to use the browser's mechanisms – you will find instructions on how to block or remove cookies in the help menu.
Please note that the website may work properly or some of its function may not work as a result of the blocking or the removing of cookies.

This Cookie Policy may be amended as a result of changes in the website's functionalities or the way of processing third-party cookies.
GATTA WEAR is not liable for any cookie policies of other websites whose links are provided on this website (

IV. Final comments
GATTA WEAR obliges to follow appropriate national provisions on personal data protection including the collection and use of such data as well as follow these Principles of Privacy Policy. The Principles of Privacy Policy are regulated by the provisions on the use of personal data given to us by the users themselves or obtained from them.